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Kinds of Organizations

There are a wide range of organizations formed for a myriad of purposes.  Organizations can be formed for the purpose of leisure like golf clubs, health purposes, faith, work or for mutual benefit.  Organizations are categorized as private sector, public sector or voluntary sector.  Government bodies come under the category of public sector organizations where as charities and faith agencies are mostly voluntary in nature.

Associations are organized for profit or as nonprofit associations.  The members of a profit oriented organization are treated as partners.  When a voluntary association is organized for profit, the members of the association are treated as partners.  Voluntary associations formed for moral, benevolent, social, patriotic, or political purposes are not considered profit oriented and commercial, in spite of the fact that they may be functioning partly for pecuniary gain.

A club, on the other hand, is an association committed to social intercourse for the purpose of promoting of literature, science, politics, or good fellowship.

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